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Products and Services

Functional nano-coatings
Plasma clean
Improved wettability and adhesion

Products and Services

Functional nano-coatings
Plasma clean
Improved wettability and adhesion

Finding your ideal solution.

We're dedicated to helping you make informed decisions when choosing the right plasma cleaning solution. With our expertise and comprehensive information, you'll gain a deeper understanding of different plasma system options. Whether it's for industrial applications, laboratories, or other specific requirements, we're here to guide you towards finding the perfect match. Get ready to discover tailored plasma system solutions for optimal results.

  • Plasma systems for cleaning & activation

    Plasma systems for cleaning & activation

    The Henniker Plasma 'HPT' range of low-pressure plasma treatment systems are microprocessor-controlled benchtop devices that are ideal for routine laboratory, R&D and light industrial tasks. Due to their ease of use and reliability, they are the instrument of choice for many of the world's leading companies and institutes, where they are used clean surfaces and activate materials in order to increase wettability and improve adhesion.

    Each device includes an integrated pressure gauge and precision gas flow controller as well as a suitable vacuum pump, everything needed for operation. Simple recipes are stored via the intuitive touch screen control and are executed with a single button press and, because we do not use analogue timers or unreliable needle valves, process repeatability is guaranteed each and every time.

    Henniker Plasma's HPT plasma systems are perfect for surface cleaning, surface preparation and surface modification of a wide range of materials including metals, glass, polymers, ceramics, plastics and composites. Key applications include composites joining development, microfluidics PDMS bonding, microscope sample cleaning, optics cleaning, metals cleaning, biomedical applications, polymer science and medical device manufacture.

  • Advanced systems for nano-coatings

    Advanced systems for nano-coatings

    The Henniker Plasma 'NEBULA' range of low-pressure plasma treatment systems are standalone systems with large capacity chambers for treating larger format parts, or more parts in a single batch. They are suited to both regular industrial usage and also for development of new processes and surface chemistry. NEBULA plasma treatment systems have a large HMI interface and are controlled via an industrial PLC system. They allow user level access ranging from simple operator, able to execute programs only, to full administrator, able to create users, edit and test new recipes. Due to their flexibility and robustness, they are chosen where reliability and flexibility are paramount. 

    Each NEBULA system can be configured with a variety of options including horizontal and vertical sample loading and also a rotary drum for treating many small parts or even powders. The user can specify up to three gas inlets as well as a precise monomer dosing inlet for plasma polymerisation work. In this way, simple cleaning and activation tasks can be extended to produce permanent polymeric coatings on many surfaces. 

    Henniker Plasma's NEBULA range of low pressure plasma treatment systems are perfect for cleaning, activation, and deposition onto a wide range of materials. Key applications include surface preparation to improve bond adhesion and plasma polymerisation to produce hydrophilic or hydrophobic coatings.

  • Atmospheric plasma for localised treatments

    Atmospheric plasma for localised treatments

    The Cirrus atmospheric plasma device localised improvement of the adhesion characteristics of a wide range of materials.

    It is a compact standalone instrument that delivers a continuous plume (1/2 inch wide) of low-temperature plasma to the surface and can easily be integrated with assembly/production lines with or without robot handling. The Cirrus operates with compressed air and doesn’t require any special gases or other services. A rear panel sub-D connector allows start/stop triggering of the plasma via an external signal supplied by the line.

    The Nimbus atmospheric plasma device is the dual nozzle version of the Cirrus atmospheric plasma device. Plasma zones can be applied to different areas or overlapped to cover wider areas.

    Atmospheric plasma cleaning & activation of:

    • Polymers
    • Metal
    • Ceramics
    • Glass
    • Composites

    Atmospheric plasma advantages:

    • Fast localized atmospheric plasma pre-treatment of parts prior to bonding
    • Ultrafine atmospheric plasma cleaning
    • Surface activation with atmospheric plasma
    • Highest quality treatments
    • Very low operation cost & easy integration with automated lines
  • Atmospheric plasma for localised treatments

    Plasma cleaners for microscopy

    Henniker's plasma cleaners for microscopy applications are low-cost benchtop systems designed specifically for fast and efficient cleaning of TEM sample holders as well as SEM stubs.

    The TEM plasma cleaner is fully automated and comes with standard adapters which are suitable for the sample holders supplied from all the major microscope manufacturers.

    The plasma output power is fully variable over the range 0-100W, resulting in a very controllable & gentle cleaning process. 

    The TEM plasma cleaner is an application specific solution for low-pressure plasma cleaning and preparation of electron microscopy samples, including:

    • Low power operation
    • Front feed of TEM sample holder
    • Multiple TEM grids and SEM stub cleaning
    • Re-entrant style sample holder introduction
    • Dual gas inlets for O2/Ar and other gases

Explore the optimal plasma systems
for your application.
  • HPT-FI

    HPT-FI - Choose our affordable entry-level plasma cleaners, available in two models:4 inch diameter and 6 inch diameter plasma chambers. Perfect for basic plasma cleaning and surface activation procedures in laboratories or low-throughput production settings, these compact bench-top units deliver unbeatable value. While they may not offer the range of options or upgrade features of our models, they are ideal for occasional use and provide excellent value for your needs.

  • HPT-100

    The HPT-100 is a state-of-the-art plasma system that can be easily operated on a benchtop. It features a microprocessor that controls the plasma parameters and ensures consistent performance. The HPT-100 also offers more flexibility and customisation than the FI model, making it suitable for various applications. Available in single or dual gas inlets and with an onboard gas mixing manifold it's able to handle a wide range of gases for optimised treatments. An optional vapour delivery inlet extends the use to liquid precursors and a corrosion-resistant version expands the choice even further to address specific material treatments.

  • HPT-200

    The HPT-200 is a larger version of the HPT-100, providing ample space for processing larger parts with ease. It features a microprocessor that controls the plasma parameters and ensures consistent performance. Again, available in single or dual gas inlets and with an onboard gas mixing manifold it's able to handle a wide range of gases for optimised treatments. An optional vapour delivery inlet extends the use to liquid precursors and a corrosion-resistant version expands the choice even further to address specific material treatments.

  • HPT-300

    HPT-300, a microprocessor controlled benchtop plasma treatment system designed for surface activation, cleaning, and modification of various materials such as polymers, metals, glass, and ceramics. Equipped with advanced features, the HPT-300 allows for efficient treatments with a variety of gases. Whether you require single or dual gas inlet options, the system can handle a wide range of gases, including air, oxygen, hydrogen, argon, nitrogen, and more, thanks to its onboard gas mixing manifold.
  • HPT-500

    The HPT-500 is the largest of our bench-top formal systems. With features like single or dual gas inlet options, an onboard gas mixing manifold, and compatibility with various gases such as air, oxygen, hydrogen, argon, nitrogen, and many others, this system is designed to deliver optimised treatments for modification of a larger range of materials, including polymers, metals, glass, and ceramics.
  • Nebula

    The NEBULA range plasma surface treatment systems offer, reliable, recipe-driven PLC control in large-format vacuum chambers. Configurable and robust for industrial processing, yet flexible for leading-edge plasma research. Ranging from 50L to 150L, with multiple mounting options and a high-capacity rotary drum mechanism for efficient treatment. Ideal for cleaning, adhesion improvement, and wetting of surfaces like metals, polymers, composites, glass, and ceramics. Unique optional monomer dosing inlet enables automated introduction of various liquid monomers for permanently functionalised surfaces via plasma polymerisation, expanding treatment possibilities in one machine. Enhance your surface treatments with NEBULA plasma systems.

  • Cirrus

    The Cirrus is a single-nozzle atmospheric plasma treatment system designed for surface activation, cleaning, and modification of various materials like polymers, metals, glass, and ceramics. With its user-friendly front panel soft-keypad, seamless integration with external control equipment, and simple setup requiring only a standard electrical outlet and compressed air, Cirrus is the perfect solution for production lines and robot cells. Enjoy the benefits of atmospheric plasma technology, including improved adhesion, enhanced material treatments, and efficient cleaning for PEEK, engineering polymers, PCBs, metals, ceramics, and glass.
  • Nimbus

    The Nimbus atmospheric system includes dual-nozzles and is purpose-built for surface activation, cleaning, and modification of a wide array of materials, such as polymers, metals, glass, and ceramics. Again, with front panel soft-keypad operation and compatibility with external control equipment via the rear panel Sub-D connector, the Nimbus ensures efficient and streamlined performance in production lines and robot cells. Operating from a standard single-phase electrical outlet and requiring only compressed air, this compact controller features an interlocked airflow regulation unit, eliminating the need for additional equipment.
  • Atmospheric Robot

    The Atmospheric Plasma Robot System is a versatile 3-axis desktop/cart unit for automated plasma surface treatment. Choose from various XYZ travel options (200mm to 500mm square, up to 150mm Z motion). Its user-friendly programmable step pendant stores 255 programs with up to 30,000 data points. The 5-phase stepping motor ensures precise and consistent motion. Benefit from extensive external I/O capability for seamless equipment integration. Available in desktop/cart versions with an optional guard frame and safety light curtain interlock. Simplify your plasma treatment process effortlessly!

    Atmospheric Robot
  • TEM Plasma Cleaner

    The TEM Plasma Cleaner is a low-cost, fully automated solution designed for fast and efficient cleaning of TEM sample holders. With variable plasma output power from 0-100W, it ensures gentle and controllable cleaning, reducing common errors and increasing measurement dwell time. Compatible with major microscope manufacturers' sample holders, it's the ideal application-specific choice for low-pressure plasma cleaning and preparing electron microscopy samples.
    TEM Plasma Cleaner
Surface energy and adhesion measurement.

Several quick and simple tests can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a specific plasma process on a surface. Adhesion and surface energy test methods are particularly useful as they can be applied to both untreated and treated surfaces , allowing for a comparison before and after processing. These tests provide valuable insights into the surface energy of the material being examined.

Before delving into the details of the different test methods, it is important to understand the concept of surface energy.

  • Dyne Test Overview

    Surface energy testing made easy

    Dyne liquids allow rapid assessment of surface energy. Surface energy is the property of a surface arising from unbalanced molecular forces at or near the surface, compared to those in the bulk material, and provides a quick indication of adhesion characteristics and wettability.

    If a liquid is applied to the surface and its surface energy is higher than the surface energy of a material to which it is applied then the liquid tends to form droplets. If the surface energy of the liquid is lower than that of the surface to which it is applied it will spread out or “wet” the surface evenly. This is the basis of the Dyne test.

  • Quick Test Dyne Pens

    Rapid surface testing

    The Quick-Test pens are a convenient tool for checking the quality of plasma treatment on any part. They have a fixed setting of 38 mN/m, which corresponds to the surface energy of a well-treated part. They can be refilled with ink when they run out. To use them, simply draw a line on the part and observe if the ink spreads or beads up. If the ink spreads evenly, the part has been properly treated. If the ink beads up, the part needs more treatment or cleaning.

    The Quick-Test pens are a simple and effective way to ensure the quality of your plasma treatment process and are available off the shelf for next day delivery.

    Quick Test Dyne Pens
  • Dyne Pen Sets

    Accurate surface testing

    We also offer a range of Dyne test pens sets that cover different values of surface tension, from 34 mN/m to 72 mN/m, in 2 mN/m increments. Each pen has a valve tip applicator that prevents evaporation and contamination of the liquid. The pens are easy to use and have a shelf life of up to 12 months if stored properly. The Dyne pen is applied to the surface under study and simple visual observation of wettability is made. Using Dyne pens of increasing surface tension provides rapid identification of the approximate level of the surface energy of the sample,

    All Dyne Pen sets are available off the shelf for next day delivery.

    Dyne Pen Sets
  • Dyne Ink Sets

    Surface energy test inks

    Individual surface energy test inks are supplied in 12ml bottles of varying surface tension from 12mN/m to 105mN/m, or as handy kits with fluids that have a selection of surface tension levels; 28 mN/m, 38, 48, 56, 64, 72 and 105 mN/m.

    By brushing surface energy test Inks of progressively increasing surface tension over a plasma treated surface, it's possible to accurately ascertain the material surface energy, and therefore the improvement in wettability and bonding characteristics compared with an untreated surface.

    Dyne Ink Sets
  • Silicone Test Kit

    Surface silicone contamination solved

    Silicone contamination of surfaces poses a real problem in many manufacturing steps. Silicones can be present due to mould release agents or simply from leeching from ‘clean’ packaging, resulting in poor adhesion and bonding characteristics.

    Our surface silicone contamination test kit is a convenient method to determine the presence of silicones. Supplied in a handy case, the kit contains everything needed to perform a simple test for surface contamination by silicones.

    The test kit contains:

    • Wash solvent
    • Mineral glass slides
    • Over-spray
    • Padded carry case
    Silicone Test Kit

Cost effective plasma services.

We understand that plasma technology may not be familiar to you, that’s ok, it’s what we’re here to help with.

We will be happy to discuss your expectations, both technical and commercial, and then undertake some initial plasma treatment trials, totally free of charge, to help you determine if one of our range of plasma treatments could be useful. These preliminary tests are always free of charge. After the initial process development, a treatment plan can be detailed if necessary.

In addition, if purchasing the system immediately is not the most efficient option for you, we offer rental alternatives, allowing you to explore the technology before making an investment. If investment is not part of your journey with us, we also provide fast and cost-effective contract plasma treatment services. Whether you have small, one-off requests or ongoing production needs, we can accommodate them.

To learn more about how we can support you in making the right decision, please select from the options below for detailed information.

Test before you invest.

  • Proof of concept trials

    Proof of concept trials

    Initially, we collaborate with the majority of our customers through complementary and non-obligatory proof-of-concept plasma treatment trials. These trials serve as an opportunity for you to assess whether our range of treatments and equipment, specifically tailored to your requirements, aligns with your needs.

    We have extensive technical knowledge, applications knowledge and of course a wide range of plasma treatment and surface test facilities at our disposal. 

    If plasma treatment isn’t suitable (and sometimes it isn’t!), we can help you to determine that as well, and often, we can suggest alternatives or point you in the right direction.

  • Plasma process development

    Plasma process development

    During plasma processes development, we work hand in hand with our clients to customise a plasma treatment solution that best meets their needs. We undertake in-house or on-site process development for a wide range of new applications, drawing on extensive real-world experience.

    After the initial process development, a treatment plan can be detailed. At this stage, we are generally ready to move forward to quote a specific system/treatment(s) exactly matched to your product, a service which ultimately reduces your risk.

    Plasma Processes:

    • Access to our extensive process library
    • Comprehensive surface testing methods
    • Adhesion and coatings processes
  • Rental options

    Rental options

    We carry a wide range of rental plasma treatment systems in stock at any one time, both standard and customised, and available at great rates for immediate dispatch.

    If an immediate purchase of a system is not the most efficient method for you and should you decide, after trying the equipment and processes, that plasma treatment is right for your product, we even offset part of the rental payment against the eventual outright purchase.

    You can play it safe with us, rent a plasma treatment unit first, then decide. We firmly believe that there isn’t a process or problem that can’t be solved by working together.

  • Contract plasma treatment

    Contract plasma treatment

    We offer a fast and cost-effective contract plasma treatment service for both small one-off requests and ongoing production.

    Contract treatment is a cost-effective way of tapping into the unique benefits of plasma treatment where the cost of capital equipment isn’t justifiable, for example where one-off or short-term contracts have been awarded.

    Our plasma treatment and testing facility is equipped with a comprehensive range of plasma treatment equipment for both cleaning, surface activation, coating and etching.

    Both vacuum and in-line atmospheric plasma treatments can be utilised for contract treatment with fast turnaround times to suit.

Want to discuss your options?

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See what our customers have to say.
  • "The technical team at Henniker are very knowledgeable, supportive and always approachable. I have found it a pleasure to work with them"

    Sam Baxter - BAE Systems, MAI

    bae sys logo

  • "Henniker provided our team with excellent service during the course of our work together, the plasma cleaner arrived quickly and was installed with ease, giving us visible results from the outset."

    Dr Panagiotis Manesiotis BSc MRSC - Queen’s University Belfast

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  • "Henniker guided us to choose the most suitable plasma unit for our application, ensured an accelerated delivery time & guided us through the very easy setup. We obtained quality results with their unit within minutes of setup & consistent results thereafter. The support they have provided has been rapid and helpful."

    Dr Ravi Desai - Making Lab, Francis Crick Institute

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  • "Henniker’s after sales support is first class. They have always been extremely responsive if we have ever had need to call on them."

    Steve Rackham - Teledyne


  • "Henniker’s plasma systems have delivered tangible benefits to us right from day one. The team there are very easy to work with."

    Ian Bruce - Coopervision


  • "Henniker really stood out, both in their product range and technical knowledge. They are a great company to work with."

    Karthik Nair - University of Bradford

    Bradford University

  • "We are very impressed with the ease of use and reliability of our plasma unit and were producing results within minutes of setting it up."

    Dr Neil Wilson - Warwick University

    Warwick University

  • "Our collaborative work with the team at Henniker was a very positive experience and one that we look forward to developing further."

    Ewen Kellar - TWI


  • "Henniker provided a tailored product to match our exact requirements. They are a pleasure to work with."

    Dr Will Shu - Heriot Watt University

    Herrot Watt University

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